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I'm inspired by many things: juxtaposition, color, shape, perspective, contrast, and illusion to name a few. In this site, and through this journal, I explore and share thoughts about what I see, what it means or evokes for me, and/or what I was investigating with an image or set of images. These are ongoing studies and discoveries, works in progress as I continue to explore, learn, and grow, both in my seeing and in my effort to capture something that I found intriguing or awe-inspiring. It's all an experiment for sure.


The world reveals itself in amazing and mysterious forms. I feel privileged to bear witness.


May you find inspiration and wonder in the images and journal entries.


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Roots . . .


Anyone remember the Brownie Hawkeye box camera? In the summer of 1968, my parents loaned me their Brownie to take on a Boy Scout trip to Arizona. Unfortunately, somewhere in that outing the back of the camera opened so I didn’t get any images. While disappointing at the time, that first experience using a camera didn't discourage me.


At sixteen I took my first photography class, a summer course at Santa Barbara City College. I still have negatives and black & white prints from those assignments; some of my mom reclining on a webbed patio lounge chair, and many of my other ready and willing subject, Fred, our family's pet rabbit who roamed the backyard. My sister Sue and her  boyfriend were deep into photography. Sue went on to become a photojournalist, and gets credit for inspiring the drive to Los Angeles to purchase my first "real" camera, a Pentax ME now tucked safely in a file cabinet drawer below my desk.


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