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Photo by Bruce Owen

My first camera, that faithful Pentax ME, served me well for twenty-plus years of travels and explorations. Then, after a nearly ten-year break from looking thru a viewfinder, it was again sister Sue who inspired my return to the delight of photography with the gift of a Nikon Coolpix E3200, my first foray into the digital world where I discovered the handy-ness of a point-and-shoot, and the freedom of endless “film”. In October 2012, I purchased a Pentax K-30 and fully entered the digital age on a learning curve to catch up with the remarkable flexibility and unique technical capacities enabled by pixels and histograms. My current Sony a7C camera was purchased in September, 2021.


My explorations build on a rich foundation of art programs and schools including: California State University at Fullerton, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and most significantly, Art Center College of Design where I completed my undergraduate degree in Graphic Design and Packaging Design in 1988.


I have deep gratitude for all the support I’ve received for creative endeavors throughout my life: my unwavering family, father Pete, mother Vivian, brother Peter, and my sister Sue; the steady encouragement of friends and colleagues; many gifted and heart-full instructors and mentors along the journey; and my partner Bruce, who’s support, companionship, love, and shared passion for photography (Bruce's Flickr page) have helped bring all my life’s experience into the focus I share with you here.


May these images be a source of inspiration, joy, and encouragement for connecting with your own creative source, our stunningly beautiful and mysterious world, and the spirit that embraces all. If you're interested in bringing my images into your home, office, or business, you can learn more about custom wall arrangement installations here, and contact me using the form below.



Paul DeLapa

Photo by Patrick Horay

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