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Paul DeLapa Photography

Journal |  explorations, discoveries, studies, experiments, thoughts, and insights, through images, notes, prose, and poetry

Ojai Art Center ExhibitJune 7, 2016

The first public showing of my photography is underway here in my hometown. The jurored exhibit, "Shades of Gray" opened June 4th and runs through June 29th. The show features some beautiful black & white images taken by local artists in the last few years. I found out about the show a few days before submissions were due. The only prints I had on hand were part of a new installation in our home on the dining room wall, giving me seven images to select from. To my surprise, all three canvas prints I entered were chosen for the show.

  . . . View Trona Pinnacles, Mammoth Area, or Olympic galleries


Slimy Green Veils   |   May 25, 2017

We joke about the mighty Ventura River below where we live. For the past five years not a trickle of water made it's way down the valley. That changed quickly in February after close to nine inches of rain fell in a twenty-four hour period in the mountains behind Ojai. Though the main channel is fifty yards away from our bluff overlook we could actually see the water roaring by and clearly hear the crashing of boulders being tumbled along the water course. By April the Ventura had calmed to a wide gentle flow and was cultivating beautiful veils of bright green moss.

  . . . View  River Moss gallery

The Lama Foundation |  July 29, 2019

Perched high on the side of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains north of Taos, New Mexico, The Lama Foundation serves as a beacon of practice and hope for awakening consciousness. Now in it's 52nd year as an intentional community and retreat center, Lama inspires all who come for a visit, extended stay, or longer term residency to enter into the sacred practices of all the world's religious traditions, and find at their heart the same possibility – to live life in gratitude, joy, and compassion. Lama has been my spiritual home since the late 80's. The images in this gallery were taken over the last three years during extended stays in the Spring and Fall.

  . . . View The Lama Foundation gallery

Comparing Perspectives  |  Mar 20, 2017

Every scene contains endless perspectives, limited by imagination, physical obstacles, inconveniences, and technology. The act of photography is very much about discovery. What's here? Can I find a treasure? It's a process of experimentation leading to lots of junk, multitudes of curious or interesting stuff, and a handful (if that) of gems. I love the distinct possibilities that reveal themselves. In this slide show gallery I offer two views of the same subject or location. These pairs have been accumulating in my catalogue for years, and I'm excited to have found a way to present and showcase them. View Two Views gallery

Cold As Ice  |  Mar 20, 2017

Yikes, what we won't do sometimes for an interesting photograph. Often the best times of day are very early before sunrise, and likewise the best times of the year are when the air in clear, which can mean winter in the southwestern US. These cold times of the day and year bring with them that curious water manifestation known as ice, a new experience for many southern California kids like me. This stuff is endlessly creative and stunningly beautiful upon close examination.

  . . . View Ice gallery

It's Hip to Be Square March 30, 2016

The world may not be square, yet sometimes an image seems to really come into itself when cropped to a square. This theme gallery set holds images that more than benefit from this constrained geometry, they depend upon it.

  . . . View Square gallery

Light-Play Circle Grasses Oct 19, 2014

Frost quickly fades as a rising sun casts its warm gaze on these enchanting little circle grasses near the shore of Thousand Island Lake. So many photo possibilities . . . so little time.

  . . . View Thousand Island Lake gallery

Water Movement Sep 18, 2016

So many different kinds of water movement, each leaving a distinct feeling tone or impression on me. This set of images showcase a range of qualities . . . some energizing, others turbulent, disturbing, whimsical, lyrical, even mystical, and still others more pensive, soothing, calming or meditative. This new collection includes many images that for one reason or another hadn't found a place in other galleries.

  . . . View Water Movement gallery

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